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Winter Wonderland Bridal Session | Southern Utah Bridal Photography

This session was done to celebrate how beautiful winter weddings can be!  This gown (from Latter-Day Bride) was so beautiful in all the snow!  Winter weddings are fun because the color schemes are so different from all the summer weddings.  Winter is a great time to take advantage of those deep red’s and gold’s!  These beautiful decorations are from Swoon Vintage Rental Company and are perfect for this theme.  Bloomers also does a great job with setting a winter tone.  Who would have thought that creating a winter bouquet would be so fun!  This creative piece had amazing flowers and greenery along with pretty little golden pine cones! Photography credit to Paige Hurst Photography.



Photography: Paige Hurst Photography

Decor: Swoon Vintage Rental Company

Dress: Latter-Day Bride



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