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Wedding Videographer…WHY?

Why Should YOU Hire a Wedding Videographer

Yes, videography is an added expense, but we TOTALLY think you should hire a wedding videographer and here are TWO amazing reasons why!

Not only images, but movement and SOUND

Your wedding videographer is going to be able to capture both movement and sound in your wedding video. This might mean you see the whole scene of your mom wiping her tears as she watches you walk down the isle, your niece jumping for joy as she watches a pretty princess in her wedding dress, and the gasp of shock and surprise when your groom sees you in your dress for the first time. Sounds and movement you will probably not remember in the moment, but will give an everlasting effect in your video.

Watch it OVER AND OVER again

Flipping through your wedding album is crucial to seeing every detail and person and moment. Taking a 10 min break from the drama and action that you see on television every day will not only be refreshing, but will remember and renew the love you have for one another as you relive the moments on your wedding day AS IF you were standing there in the crowd. It is a special feeling and emotion to be able to relive and replay every moment and hear every cheer and sound that was apart of your special day.


Check out this incredible video captured by our amazing preferred videographer on a beautiful windy day. Southern Utah beauty and scenery is absolutely to die for along with Brad’s work!

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