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Wedding Photographer- Tausha Leann Photography

Are you in need of a photographer for your wedding in 2018?


Tausha Leann Photography has been doing photography for over 5 years and specializes in portrait and wedding photography!

Tausha Barney is an experienced photographer, photographing weddings for the past 3 years! Her passion is to create more than just beautiful images, but images that will show your true love and emotion. She uses natural and flattering posing to ensure that her couples feel gorgeous and relaxed during their session. Tausha goes above and beyond to ensure her clients love every minute of their experience, and has an incredibly fast turnaround time! With a bright, clean, and candid style, Tausha would love to capture each moment on your wedding day!

Why are photographs so important?

Tausha’s goal is to capture your very soul. To preserve and cherish your moments together. As a couple, as a family, as a senior, my goal is to have your family able to look back on your images. My dream is to have your loved ones in future generations look back and see how beautiful you are and were and how much joy and love you shared. To give them something to remember your happiness and passion. All I ask is that you love deeply, love madly, and join this adventure with me in capturing these memories to have forever.

Every detail is important from the cake to dress to napkins, but the only way to look back on and remember those details and to remember how gorgeous those details were, is to preserve them through photography. Tausha truly believes that one day, your kids and grand kids are going to want to look back on your wedding. Haven’t we all done that? Well, if there were no photos, we would never know how beautiful our grandma was on that special day or how handsome grandpa was when he was holding his beautiful bride. These memories are the most important. Capturing and preserving your memories are priceless.

See her website at to book your 2018 wedding, and feel confident knowing your photographer loves you and has a passion to preserve your memories for you. Choose a photographer who you trust, and everything else falls into place.




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