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Wedding Invitation Tips

Are you just getting started on your wedding invitations? I’ve got some wedding invitation tips listed below to help you find out everything you need to know to get them designed, ordered, sealed and delivered to your guests. Your wedding invitations if your guests little sneak peek into your wedding day, not sure where to begin? Keep reading….

Defining Your Wedding Style
While you are providing all the necessary information for your wedding day, your wedding invite can define the formality of your wedding based off of the theme of your invitation. So be thinking of the overall theme and formality of your wedding day, is it Classic, Elegant, Casual, Glam, Modern? Gather your inspiration to get an idea of what you want your invitation to look like. Also if you have any wedding colors you may want to take this opportunity to incorporate those colors.

Play With the Design
There are so many shapes and sizes when it comes to your wedding invitations/announcements. Don’t be scared to not have a traditional invite, had fun with it! This also comes to the text and patterns of your invites. Put your touch on it with the fonts on your invite that tie into your overall theme, Just make sure that all the information you are putting onto your invite is legible. You don’t want people getting lost or showing up at the wrong time because they couldn’t read your invitation.

Know Invite Wording
Do some research and learn the rules of wording wedding invitations. There are traditional ways to the order and wording of invitations. The wording can change as the hosting situation changes. Make sure you are double and triple checking on how things are listed, worded and spelled on your wedding invitations before they are printed and sent out. Also consider how much is going onto your invite, You
don’t want to overcrowd the card with too much information. Provide all the necessary information and if needed create and provide additional cards like RSVP cards or maps if needed.

Consider Your Costs
The price per invite can vary based on a number of variables, design, ink, printing process, type of paper and the quantity, foil, liners, envelopes, etc. It’s important to research your options and the set prices for those options. Also something to consider is hiring a calligraphist to address all your envelopes for that extra touch. It looks so gorgeous and makes a great first impression for the person receiving your wedding invitation. Another tip for considering your costs is counting our households instead of guests for your wedding invitations. You might be able to cut your order in half after looking at how many homes need an invitation vs how many guests need an invite. However you always want to make sure order extras. It’s more expensive to go back and print more invitations after all is said and done than to order an extra 25 at the time of printing. All those little things can add up so make sure you do your research.

The Whole Suite
While you are designing and printing out your wedding invitations get your menus, programs, thank you notes, RSVP cards and anything else you need done within the same order to create a consistent and cohesive design and get it all in one order. You can create an amazing look between the suite by switching up the main color or alternating with patterns.

Don’t Forget the Thank Yous
Instead of waiting until the very end, track your RSVPs or early received gifts as they come in. You can do this by hand or create a list/spreadsheet on your computer. Begin writing your thank you notes as the wedding gifts/cards start coming in so that you don’t fall behind or get overwhelmed after the wedding.
For gifts given on or after the wedding day give yourself one month to get those sent out. Setting a deadline for yourself will make your goal reachable and it will make sure you get those well deserved thank yous mailed out.

Mailing and Stamping
Most of the times wedding invitations are a big heavier than your average mailed letter. Do a test weigh in on your wedding invitation with all the add ins in your envelope. Make sure you are putting enough postage on your invitations! This may seem obvious but make sure you put a stamp and address on all invitations! At the post office ask about hand-cancelling your invitations, This is a process that involved your invited being hand stamped/processed instead of being run through the machine. While this service is free, check with your post office to make sure that is does have a hand stamp. While post offices try to keep hand cancelled mail separate from the machine processed mail it doesn’t always
happen. You can always pay for a non-machinable fee, this will guarantee that your mail will be sorted by hand and stay nice, pretty and clean for your guests.


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