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Are you planning your wedding? Going through so many choices and decisions to get every detail of your wedding ready?  We are here to help! We have asked our experts and our past brides to share with us their own wedding advice.  Little things they would have done to make their special day even better! Make sure to consider this great advice when you are planning your own wedding day!  Here are 5 pieces of advice for YOUR wedding!

Paige Hurst Photography | Southern Utah Wedding & Portrait Photographer

I had a beautiful wedding day.  We feel like everything on our wedding day went so well and we are so happy with how it all turned out! Looking back we realized that even though our day was filled with a lot of special moments one of our favorites was in between our ceremony and reception.  We had scheduled in some down time because we were not sure what would be happening during this time and it turned out to be such a sweet memory for us and our family.  It was a few unplanned hours of us spending time together at our venue outside in the garden.  It was not rushed or busy and it meant a lot to us to be able to spend some quality time with the loved ones who had traveled so far! So I suggest leaving some time in your day unplanned so you can slow down for a little bit and really enjoy yourself!

-Wendy J

Paige Hurst Photography | Southern Utah Wedding & Portrait Photographer


I couldn’t wait for my wedding day and when it finally came I was so happy!  It was a pretty busy day between driving around, getting ready, making sure everyone was doing what they needed to do or going where they needed to go.  Looking back I would have hired a wedding planner or coordinator to handle these things for us.  It took away from moments we could have been spending with each other.  If you cannot hire a coordinator I would say assign all the responsibilities out to everyone a few days before the wedding day.  This way you only have to think about your happy day with your loved one!

– Katie S




I loved having a videographer!  I spent months planning all these little details that I honestly don’t remember seeing on my wedding day because there was so much going on.  So the photography and video mean so much to me because I can look back on the day and see the things I didn’t get to really enjoy in that moment.  I know a lot of brides put videography on the “extra cash” list but I would highly suggest hiring one.  There is something about video that really catches moments in a way photography can’t. I am so grateful I had both photo and video from my big day!

-Payton H



Paige Hurst Photography | Southern Utah Wedding & Portrait Photographer



I loved my wedding and having a live band was one of my favorite things! It added a different, more energetic vibe to our wedding! It also felt more personal when we did our first dance.  If I would have done something different I would have taken more time to really enjoy our reception and the food we picked out.  We were so busy talking to everyone in the line we didn’t really get to enjoy those little details.

-Alex R




My advice is probably going to sound ridiculous but it meant a lot to me! Our wedding day was wonderful and very busy.  Our photographer was doing a great job capturing everything and my new husband and I were going from person to person to visit with everyone but there was one moment in between everything we finally got to sit down together and we took a quick selfie of ourselves sitting together and it is our favorite picture! It is silly and not nearly as beautiful as our pictures from our photographer but it is really special to us!

-Rachel A



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