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Tips For the Perfect Wedding Cake

Tips For the Perfect Wedding Cake

Tips For the Perfect Wedding Cake

Do you know everything there is to know about wedding cakes? We have some tips for you! The more you know, the better choices
you can make when it comes to your wedding cake. If your cake is on the must have list or on our no
worries list we’ve got you covered with tips for the perfect wedding cake. Keep reading to learn all you need to know
to pick out flavors, frosting and design.

Make sure your overall style and theme are carried over into your cake. Are you having a very classic
event, a beachy themed event, a very casual event? Make sure the shape, height, style and design
match your picked wedding theme.

Price & Ways to Save
Wedding cakes are usually prices by the slice. This cost can vary on the flavors, types of cake, frosting
and filling. More complicated flavors mean more money. Handmade sugar flowers mean more money
and Fondant is generally more expensive than buttercream frosting. Talk with you baker to know what
affects the budget and what you can do to get what you want while staying in budget.

Frosting – Consider the Weather
If you are having an outdoor wedding in the dead of summer you might want to consider staying away
from a whipped cream or buttercream as they melt easier. Going over these details with your baker are
very important so they can create a visual and great tasting masterpiece! Buttercream is often must
more delicious. But if you love the smooth look of fondant consider combining the best of both worlds
by having your cake layered in buttercream before the fondant is layered on the cake.

Choosing your Flavor
Choose a flavor you want, not what you think everyone else will want. Also don’t be afraid to make each
layer/level a different flavor, have fun with your cake! Do a cake tasting to try out a bunch of different
flavors. Don’t forget to sample the fillings too. Many bakers are working with more fun and complex
flavors. There’s so many flavor combinations!

It’s all About the Details
All those little details for the design of the wedding cake are important, but the other super important
details are how is your cake getting to your venue? What will it sit on? Where is it going in your venue?
Cake delivery takes coordination and planning. Make sure to go over all of the details of your venue and
location for your baker for delivery. Make sure this is discussed before signing the contract. Cake
delivery is one more thing that will give you peace of mind on your wedding day.

Topping Your Cake
There are so many different ways to top your wedding cake. Make sure your cake topper is to scale. You
don’t want your topper to make your cake very top heavy! Look at the overall theme of your wedding
and tie in your wedding topper to match. Is this a very classic wedding? Top it with red roses. Is this a
beachy themed wedding? Top it with shells or coral. You however don’t always need a wedding topper,
some designs look amazing without a topper. Your cake will likely be on display for the day/evening
before you cut and serve it. Make sure your cake gets the spotlight it deserves in a less crowded area of
your venue with well lit space.

Eat your cake (seriously, eat it!!)
Couples often only get that little bite that they feed each other after they cut that first slice of cake
together, Don’t forget to enjoy your wedding cake. Ask your caterer to save some extra for your and
your spouse to enjoy post wedding or to take with you as you leave and enjoy as a late night snack or a
little wedding night dessert.

After the wedding
If you are all about saving the top tier of your wedding cake for your one year anniversary think about
better ways to save your cake or even celebrate. Consider saving your top tier for your one month
anniversary and ordering a cake that’s the same flavor for your one year for a fresh celebration. If you
are set on the tradition I recommend tightly wrapping the cake in plastic wrap and then placing the cake
in a airtight baggie or even using a vacuum sealing system to seal in all the flavor and freshness as


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