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Tips for Choosing a Makeup Artist

Tips for choosing a makeup artist for your wedding day!

When it comes to all the wedding planning more and more brides are choosing to not hire a professional makeup artist for their wedding due to the added expenses to the wedding budget. I think that hiring a professional eases a brides mind and gives them one less thing to have to do on that very special day. I’ve listed tips for choosing a makeup artist for your wedding day below.

– Look at techniques and skills.
You or a close friends makeup skills may be perfect for the everyday look and application, but a professional has skills to make sure your makeup lasts through your wedding day and into the evening. A makeup artist is just that, an artist. They see their clients face as a canvas to create art on and know how to bring out your best features. Makeup artists also know how to apply makeup so that it photographs beautifully and they just want you feeling and looking your best!

– Hold a trial run.
I think it’s very important to do a trial run. Rather than having your makeup done for the first time on the day of your wedding and running into problems and be stuck with something you are not pleased with, have the make up artist do a trial run. This ensures you can go over your skin, things you love and don’t love and see the final result and make any tweaks necessary for the big day, BEFORE the big day.  During your trial run most makeup artist will be taking mental or physical notes to ensure they are giving you everything you wanted on your wedding day. Most professionals will charge for a trial run, but it’s nice to have peace of mind knowing that everything will be running smooth on that very special day.

– Choose someone you love to work with.
Make sure you get along with your makeup artist on a personal level. Viewing their previous work and history is so important but make sure you take the time to get to know them. Make sure their work matches the quality of makeup you are expecting. Don’t be afraid to ask for references or reviews.

– Once you find your makeup artist, book them!
You are not the only bride out there looking for a makeup artist for their wedding day. When you find that makeup artist you love, book them as soon as possible! Expect to sign a contract, makeup artists are no different than all the other wedding professionals you will be working with.

– Know the investment and budget for it.
As I stated above, more and more women are deciding to not hire a makeup artist for their wedding day for more than one reason. One of the reasons is that they are too expensive. While it can for sure be expensive, many people forget the amount of time, energy and money makeup artists put into their kits/collections for their profession. Also take into count travel. If your makeup artist is traveling for your wedding those fees will come into count of your total bill.

The decision to hire a professional makeup artist is your choice, and it’s an important one! BUT when all is said and done having a professional that has the skills and knowledge to create that perfect wedding look is worth it!



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