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The Myth of a Bubble Machine | St George Weddings Ask A Pro


Have you seen those romantic pictures of guests dancing on the dance floor to floating bubbles surrounding them? Or a send off with a couple running through lots of bubbles popping all around them? It is such a fun idea, but there are a few realities you need to be prepared for before you decide if a bubble machine is for you and your wedding…

charleston weddings, hilton head weddings, myrtle beach weddingsStaining Possibilities
Bubbles are made with soap. Although soap typically washing right out of things, soap does has the possibility to stain clothing items depending on the type of soap used and how strong it is. The only way to make sure your dress or anyone elses doesn’t get stained, is to test it out before hand or just take your chances.

Slip and Falls
Soap also leads to slipping and potentially causing accidents for your guests. Consider what type of floor you want to have the bubbles on. Grass won’t cause a problem with your guests slipping. But if you want it to be on a dance floor, when the bubbles pop on the floor, it will leave a soapy residue mixed with water leading to a slipping disaster while dancing.

Weather Woes
The weather has to cooperate just right for the bubbles to make the effect you want. Indoor is the best place to eliminate any weather issues that might effect the overall look you want. If outdoors and a wind picks up, none of the bubbles will actually make it to you, but end up flying away.

A piece of advice if you still really want bubbles at your wedding  consider only doing bubbles for a first dance where just the two of you will be on the dance floor to eliminate the number of people on the dance floor popping and slipping from the soapy suds left over. Also, talk to the event staff about mopping the dance floor after the bubble dance to clean the dance floor from any residue. This will halt the party for a minute, but eliminate any possibilities for slipping and accidents. Or you could move the bubbles outdoors if the weather isn’t too windy for something like a send off. I have seen bubble send offs work great if the weather is in corporation.

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