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Summer & Brad | St. George Weddings Wedding Photography

And we are finally to the gorgeous country wedding of Sunmer & Brad. We are going to let the bride tell you all about it because she put it so beautifully…

“Our wedding turned out to be the most beautiful, amazing day I have ever had. Growing up riding horses I always dreamed of the perfect down home country kind of wedding, and I got just that! Every detail was just perfection and it wouldn’t have happened without the amazing friends, family and all the help we received from our great wedding vendors.

Brad and I both team rope, that is how we met so we really wanted to incorporate our lifestyle into our wedding celebration. We have lot of friends together that come from a country lifestyle so there was no doubt in our minds that a summer barn/outdoor wedding was our plan! Some of my favorite things about our wedding was the food, décor, location and the beyond beautiful pictures by AK Studio & Design. Robin Wood from Marvelous Catering did our BBQ style food. We wanted a personal touch to our food so Brad and his closest friends decided to do their own dutch oven potatoes which were out of this world good!

Between Brad and I, we have 9 sisters so they really took over the décor and personalized it just for us. Some of my favorite pieces were the flowers by Sharon Brandt. She truly made my vision of an elegant wildflower arrangement so breathtaking. Each arrangement was put in old vintage tins, some tins were even borrowed from grandmas house! My bouquet was dreamy! I loved the breezy colors and the flow that each bouquet, boutonniere and corsage brought to our barn wedding.

The location for our reception was an easy decision. Pine valley has always been a deep rooted place for me. Growing up I spent many weekends riding in the mountains with my family, so it was only natural to incorporate the great weather, and gorgeous country of Pine Valley. Our first official date was a horseback ride there, we said our first “I love you” there, and Brad proposed to me on a snowy Christmas Eve at the cabin. But where in Pine Valley were we going to have this special night? Only my uncle Doyle’s fabulous barn of course.

When I envisioned my wedding I pictured a fun evening with close friends and family, good food, beautiful flowers, personalized decorations and a wonderful celebration of a new beginning. My wedding was all that and more. Everything at our wedding screamed “that is so Brad and Summer” from the trough of glass bottle cokes, BBQ style food, deer heads mounted, animal hides, popcorn maker, globe lighting, polka dot lace to aunt Wendy’s famous homemade suckers.”

We absolutely love every detail and that the brides goal of having those personal touches so clearly shine through. With every wedding that should be your ultimate goal, to provide an unforgettable intimate night for all the people you love that showcase your love for each other. We are so glad that AK Studio & Design shared this gorgeous wedding with us and we are so excited to show it off…



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