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Showcase Photography

Are you ready to see some amazing vendors at this weekends Wedding Showcase?! We are introducing one of the MANY incredible vendors who will be at the event!  Don’t miss out on all they have to offer.  Here is a preview of one vendor who will be showing off some beautiful work!

Introducing DB Photography!

I developed a love and appreciation for photographs when I was still a small child.
I never met my oldest brother but he has always been a part of our family.
I met him through photos and we loved him with memories.
Throughout my life as I watched loved ones pass away, I was always grateful beyond measure to have a piece of them to stay behind.
I started taking photos ALL THE TIME when I was in middle school and I never stopped.
I spent 1.5 years in college pursuing other majors before I finally decided that behind a lens is where my passion is.
I enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography in 2009 and graduated with a license in Professional Photography in 2012.
I left on an LDS mission to Cleveland, Ohio the same week I took my final test.
My dad sent me a picture of my license and certificate of graduation while I was across the country.
db Photography was “officially” born in 2014.
I chose to specialize in weddings for a few reasons; one being that I love weddings!
I love the hustle, the unexpected, the emotions, the new beginnings, all of it!
I also love brides.
We as women can be so hard on ourselves and there is nothing more radiant then a woman who feels as beautiful as she is.
Every bride glows with a sincere, genuine beauty on her wedding day.
I am completely inspired by wedding gowns.
I actually started college as a fashion design major before switching my career plan!
How they flow, how they fit, flare, it’s all just fascinating and I can’t get enough of them!
My goal in bridal portrait photography is to place a beautiful bride against an epic backdrop, but instead of getting lost in the scenery, she still demands your attention.
And last, but most important, I chose to specialize in weddings because they are grand memories that keep us remembering those who will pass on.
Weddings bring people together and often times, the last family photograph with everyone accounted for, is from a wedding day.
I imagine my own grandchildren’s children putting faces to their genealogy and keeping my husband and I as part of the family because they know us.
They know us through photos and they love us through passed down memories.
I don’t just stand behind a fancy camera and push down a shutter, I create priceless heirlooms;
ancestral records to be handed down for generations to come.
How will your story be remembered?



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