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8 Rules to Definitely Follow when visiting your local Jeweler

Looking for some awesome tips and possible questions to ask your jeweler? Look no further

1. Start Searching Early

The best thing to do is visit your local jewelry stores to have an idea of what you want. Giving yourself plenty of time to browse is important, you will have this ring forever! Sometimes jewelers make custom pieces, so be sure to ask what they do and how long it takes.

2. Make Your Ring Stand Out

It is ok to be different! Some of the big trends with rings right now are rose gold bands, and double halo diamond settings! There are no rules to YOUR wedding ring. Don’t be afraid to match metals or even setting styles! Pick a ring that represents your style.

3. Stay on Budget

It is important to understand that although the ring you want may be 10k, your groom may not be able to afford that. Be practical and ask your jeweler what tips you can use to get the ring you want, for a more affordable price!

4. Think About Your Lifestyle

Keep this in mind at all times. If you are someone who works with your hands a lot, you may not want a diamond that catches on everything! You want to be sure that you are comfortable and classy. This will be apart of your life all day every day. Make sure it matches with your lifestyle.

5. Ensure it is the Right Size

Generally, people do not remove their wedding ring. They wear them all day! Sun, snow, gym, hospital, these rings go with you everywhere. You are going to want to be sure that you pick a size that is considerate of your fingers swelling or contracting due to the weather or condition. One important tip for your ring, is to never size it in the morning. You retain water and sodium from the night before.

6. ALWAYS Check for the Rings Quality

The manufacture’s trademark and a quality mark should both be located on the inside of the ring. These marks prove that the makers stand by their work, and that you know you are getting the quality materials that you are paying for.

7. Protect Your Ring

Try and not only be aware of your surroundings, but the way that it will effect your ring. Metals can even be effected by the weather or sports, so try and avoid taking your ring into a place that could ruin it. Research shows places like pools with concentrated chlorine for example can cause discoloration in your metal.

8. Clean Often

Ensuring that you regularly take your ring to the jeweler to be cleaned and inspected will preserve your large investment. Do this regularly to ensure not only the prettiest sparkle for those diamonds, but to ensure diamonds stay intact and beautiful.


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