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Real Wedding vs. Photo shoot | St George Weddings Ask A Pro


Question: Today I am personally asking the question to all the brides out there planning a wedding. Are fake photo shoots and inspiration pictures helping or hurting your wedding planning experience?

I love looking at gorgeous photo shoots too! They inspire me and get the creative juices flowing. But are they helping or hurting the wedding industry?

In the past couple of years, more and more themed fake photoshoots are popping up everywhere. From the current elegant trends like Great Gatsby themed shoots to ultra trendy shots like skulls and hipsters.

They are extremely fun as a designer to put together, and I find them so fun to look at. Sky’s the limit and you can incorporate anything you’d like to make a great custom table. But are they realistic for real weddings?

We see six gorgeous pink goblets in a photo shoot purchased from Anthropologie.

As a bride is it in your budget to purchase  $12 goblets for your table settings for 100 people? That would be $1,200.00 in just glasses. This doesn’t include any plates, silverware, napkins, wine glasses, champagne flutes or chargers you still need. You see where the problem lies?

Even with some of the high end weddings we’ve done at Middle Aisle something like this will come up because the brides loves the look from a photo shoot, but in the priority of budget, it just doesn’t make sense even for some of the larger budgets. Brides can’t recreate the look with out being left with 100 pink glasses for their home which they don’t want or need.

I had my eyes opened to this the other day while doing a shoot for a wedding magazine in my state. On their requirements they asked that you only used items that can be locally sourced from rental companies. This was really hard for me at first. I wasn’t used to this. But I can see now how important it is as a professional to give brides an actual idea of what their wedding can actually look like and what’s available.

So I guess it comes down to two things for photo shoots. Are they doing it just to create something pretty to look at? Or are they providing actually inspiration for real weddings to be able to pull ideas from for their wedding?

Do you find photo shots misleading as you have been planning your wedding?

Or do you view them more as just a pretty picture to look at and pull inspiration from?

We’d love to hear what our readers think! Leave your comments below.




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