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Pros and Cons of Long Engagements

You just got engaged?  Congratulations!!  The next big question you’re likely to be asked is “When is the big day?”

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I recently read that the average engagement length for soon-to-be wed couples in the United States is 15 months.  In Utah, however, this number is much smaller.  Try 3-6 months.  Some couples elope, while other couples bask in engagement bliss.  Some  couples opt for quickie engagements, while others take a lot of time before walking down the aisle.  While each couple is different and there are certainly no “set in stone” rules  regarding engagement length, there are pros and cons to long engagements and short engagements.  To help you make your engagement length perfect for you and your circumstances, we did the dirty work for you and complied a list of the good and bad associated with long engagements!

Sounds good, right? Here’s the downside . . .

So, what do you think?  Long engagement or short engagement?  What is the ideal engagement length?



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