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Congratulations on getting engaged! This is such a fun and exciting time in life and deserves to be celebrated. But now what? Where do you even begin? Middle Aisle has complied their top 5 most important things to do once you get engaged to help recently engaged brides navigate through this exciting time in life.

Top 5 things to do when you get engaged:

1. Set the date
Have you always dreamed of an outdoor wedding in June? Or perhaps a winter wonderland wedding in the snow of January? Whether you are looking for warm and spring, or cold and white you need to decide what date works best for you, your fiance, and the people that matter most to be there.

2. Compile a guest list
Unless you have a rough estimate of the number of guests you will want to be inviting, it makes it almost impossible to set a realistic budget, find a venue that can hold and amount of guests you are expecting and get to anything planned. Start by writing down who you want to invite to give yourself an idea of how many people you will be expecting and then you can start planning from there.

3. Hire a Planner/Designer
When you first get engaged it can seem overwhelming as where to even begin. This is were a wedding planner is priceless. They help put everything into bite size chunks so getting things ready for the big day doesn’t seem so overwhelming and make it so you, your friends and family aren’t the ones doing any of the manual labor on your wedding day. They get to enjoy just spending time with you.

4. Get the perfect photographer
When all is said and done, the pictures is all you have to look back on. Make sure you hire a photographer you love and enjoy working with. They will be your eyes at your wedding and after the wedding day to look back in. They help capture moments you aren’t always able to see at your wedding being so busy and being pulled in all direction. This is an investment well worth booking as far in advance as possible.

5. Enjoy being engaged
Don’t forget the most important part about getting engaged. You found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with! Enjoy the moment, celebrate and share the amazing news.


Looking for a custom wedding planner and designer? Look no further. Middle Aisle believes every wedding should be custom to a specific bride and groom. That’s why they specialize in designer Southern Utah weddings and only accepts so many clients per year to achieve this personalization. Their brides and grooms are the most important aspects of their business and they want them to get all the attention they deserve on such a special milestone in their lives!




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