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What to Include in Your Wedding Registry

What on earth do I put on my Wedding Registry??

This is a question that most couples ask when they get to this step and it’s a good one. The wedding planning process can seem long and daunting at times and the list of things to do is never ending. Depending on whom you ask, building a wedding registry is either the most fun or the most difficult part of the wedding planning process. On one hand, it’s a chance for you and your fiancé to tell all of your wedding guests exactly what gifts are on your wish list for the start of your new life together. But on the other hand, it can be quite difficult to sort through all the items you think you might need, and figure out what pieces you’ll really make use of and treasure for years to come. Too many people end up with pieces they never use or outgrow within a couple of years. But we’re here to tell you that putting together a wedding registry doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There are some important questions to ask yourselves as you both begin the wedding registry process together, these helpful questions are listed below.

Questions to ask yourselves as you being your wedding registry:

What type of couple are you and your fiancé?  Do you enjoy cooking? Entertaining? Perhaps you prefer being entertained? Are you both outdoorsy? All of the above, none of the above? How you answer these questions will determine what you should be registering for. What do we mean? Well, if you prefer one of these activities over the other, you should prioritize registering for items in that department.

Consider where you’ll be living after the wedding, and think about space!  Storage space that is. Sure you might want all the cool kitchen gadgets or dream of having a grill one day, but where will these items and boxes go in the mean time? If storage, cabinet space, and closets are a non-issue, then register away! Otherwise, try and keep it to the bare essentials and ask for things you really need.

How many place settings do you need?  Far too often couples don’t register for enough, thinking four or six will suffice. And maybe that is enough for a year or two. But our recommendation? Register for 10 sets unless you have ample storage or an extra large family.

Your age and place in life will determine what you need off this list.  Two 23-year-olds getting married and starting their lives together need a lot more things than two 33-year-olds who have lived in their own furnished spaces for the past ten years and have probably acquired most of the home essentials. The former should consider registering for all of the basics; think of this as a way to build your home together. The latter should consider two options: either upgrading current house-ware, particularly in the dining and linens categories, or starting unconventional registries which allow people to pay for things you’re looking to buy like a fabulous honeymoon or even a down payment on a home.

When in doubt, choose white.  When it comes to choosing style of things like plates, glassware and liners, don’t waste time, effort, or stress arguing if you have different taste. When in doubt, choose white. It might seem boring or like the easy way out, but these timeless, traditional styles are versatile and will last you much longer than gold polka dotted plates you’re currently obsessed with. Add the fun, colorful, patterned stuff later. For now go with the classic, timeless look.

Try and keep the number of stores you register at to two or three.  You can usually get most items in if you choose one of the larger department stores and a smaller specialty shop.


Registry Items to Include:

¤ blender
¤ 10 peice pot/pan set
¤ kettle
¤ food processor
¤ cast iron dutch oven
¤ a stand mixer and attachments
¤ slow cooker
¤ extra pots/pans
¤ cake stand
¤ cast iron skillet
¤ knife set
¤ roasting pan rack
¤ ceramic/glass casserole dish
¤ a pizza stone
¤ grill pan
¤ salt & pepper shakers
¤ cutting boards
¤ kitchen tool caddy
¤ rolling pin
¤ mixing bowls
¤ kitchen canisters
¤ oven mitts
¤ bake ware set
¤ measuring cups and spoons
¤ over proof silicone mat
¤ glassware
¤ microwave
¤ pitcher
¤ dinnerware set
¤ utensil set
¤ serving utensils
¤ sugar bowl & creamer set
¤ coasters
¤ serving tray
¤ bar items
¤ pillows
¤ frames
¤ art
¤ vases
¤ sheet sets
¤ blankets
¤ towels
¤ games
¤ luggage
¤ kitchen towels & soap
¤ hot pads
¤ bathroom set
¤ picture book
¤ steak knives
¤ storage containers
¤ cleaning supplies



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