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How to Make a Wedding Seating Chart Without Stressing Out

Seat Assignment 101

Choosing your seating assignments for your wedding is easier said than done. To make the process as painless as possible, start devising your plan about two-to-three weeks before the big day. Once all those last-minute RSVPs arrive. Unfortunately, there’s no steadfast approach for deciding who gets what chair, but our tips will help you navigate the trickiest dilemmas. (Remember: You can always assign guests a particular table instead of a specific seat if that makes it easier!)

Choose Your Table Shape

Once your guest list is finalized, you’ll need to determine how many tables you’ll need and how many people will be seated at each one. Keep in mind that shape plays an important role. While rectangular ones make it easier for guests to chat, round tables might be simpler for you to sort.

Put Pen to Paper

It’s helpful to literally map out your seating chart.You can laminate pieces of paper printed with table shapes that you can label with dry erase markers. If you prefer color coordinating, divide your guest list into categories arranged by colorand write out everyone’s names on the appropriate colored post-it flag. Then, arrange—and rearrange—them on photocopied outlines of your table arrangements.

Seat the Two of You First

As it is your big day, your table should be centrally located. Typically, you’ll sit at a table by yourselves (AKA the “sweetheart table”), with your wedding party, or with your parents and a few close relatives and friends.

Then Seat Your Wedding Party

Depending on the size of your wedding party you can seat everyone together at one long head table, or divide the group among several tables that are situated near you and the groom.

Put Family First

After you seat yourselves, place your parents somewhere close (unless they are sitting with you). Unlike the ceremony you can mix things up and seat everyone together.



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