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Drones: The Must-Have for Your Wedding Film

Drones: The Must-Have for Your Wedding Film

When you think of drone cinematography, you often only think of big budget Hollywood films that show sweeping shots of amazing landscapes or city skylines. But over the past couple of years, drones have become increasingly popular in other kinds of film making, including wedding films. We believe drone coverage is a must-have for any client who wants the ultimate in production value. Most couples are really excited at the thought of capturing aerial content of not only their venue and surrounding space but of the opportunity to capture unique shots of the couple (during photo shoot) that once was not possible. If you’re wondering what the big deal is and why you should seriously consider adding drone cinematography to your package, we’re here to persuade you!

Reason #1

Think epic, sweeping cinematic perspective shots of your wedding day that you can’t achieve using any other filming technique. Whether your venue is in a forest overlooking a river, or is a private island in the Caribbean, you picked your location because you fell in love with it. Your videographers job is to capture the magic and beauty of the location in the most powerful and beautiful way possible that only a drone can achieve.


Reason #2

Videographers use drones in different ways. They take a fly-on-the-wall approach to filming all aspects of your big day, so you won’t see your videographer fire up our noisy drone in the middle of your ceremony or fly right over guests during cocktail hour. They prefer to fly either at dusk or dawn, just before sunrise or sunset when the light is softer and warmer than it is in the middle of the day. This often coincides with the couple taking photos at sunset, which allows your videographer to get stunning shots of you and your partner surrounded by your venue and the beautiful scenery.


We truly believe it is a must-have for your wedding film!



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