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Dream Wedding Week | Lovely and Ladylike

Today’s dream wedding post is by one of our favorite Southern Utah wedding planners, Julie from Middle Aisle!  So excited to see what she came up with for her “ideal” wedding day!

A chance at doing my wedding again would be a dream for me! (My husband? Maybe not so much . . .)  There are so many things I have learned over the years about weddings:  what works, and what looks amazing together.  It wold be so much fun to rewind and do it again!

I got married on a cold day in January.  If I could do it again, I would re-do my dream wedding the first week of June in a gorgeous outdoor English garden setting.  There wouldn’t be a specific color scheme I would obsess with this time, but all shades would be in lighter romantic colors like pink, peach, ivory, and tan.

A few things that would be a decor must for me would be light strands to light up the night, wooden tables, and wooden chairs with pillows on each seat for my guests.  And, of course, there would be a live band entertaining my friends and family to complete the whole ambiance.

On to the dress . . . The dress would be high on the priority list for me.  It would need a soft cap sleeve, slim through the waist with a crazy train and a full bottom.

At the end of the day, the only thing I wouldn’t change is the groom.  I’ve always known (and always will know) that it’s him that would make any wedding my dream come true.

To see more of Julie’s “dream wedding”, visit her Pinterest board, here:!



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