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Country Love Engagements {Holly + Zach} | St George Utah Engagement Photography

We are SO excited for today’s feature! There are so many wedding blogs out there and they showcase amazing sessions, but you rarely get to see the whole she-bang! From start to finish every session of a couple. Well today you are in luck! We have a special feature from AK Studio & Design and we are going to be checking out the engagement, bride & groom, and wedding day images from this amazing couple.

Abbey had this to say about their engagement session, “Holly and Zach were by far one of my favorite couples EVER! Right from the get-go we had a great connection and I just knew that everything about their wedding was going to be amazing and being a part of it was going to be a highlight of my wedding season. Holly is the most amazing person, the kind of girl you just want to be best friends with, and so every part of the wedding planning process was easy and fun. And Zach…oh Zach…he is such a fun groom and had us laughing the whole time, which you can totally tell from the pictures. Its no secret, that most grooms aren’t dying to have their photos taken, but he was such a good sport and made it one of my most entertaining sessions of the year. Holly and Zach live in Leeds and their horses are a huge part of their lives so we of course had to include them in the session. I just love how every image from this session was laid back and real. Even their outfits seem so natural…though believe me, Holly and I spent plenty of time making sure they were perfect! That is one thing with a ‘perfect session’ that has that great laid back quality…there really is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure every detail is amazing so the actual session can be stress free. And every detail of their engagements turned out to be completely perfect…the lighting, the outfits, the couple…I couldn’t have asked for more!”

Stay tuned as later today we show off their AMAZING bride & groom session.



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