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Celebrate The Occasions – Tausha Leann Photography


Our photographer Tausha with Tausha Leann Photography, and our amazing dress vendor Celebrate The Occasions teamed up for a mini stylized shoot with Morgan and Brent Weller were so nice to model for us and might I add… GORGEOUS DANG GINA!!!!

They decided to shoot in a gorgeous location in St. George in the lava rocks west of town, and if it weren’t for the perfect weather, perfect models and INCREDIBLY perfect dress, none of this would have happened and been so amazing! You have to love it when the stars align, and you meet and work with some of the most incredible people in the industry. We are so lucky to have such incredible vendors.

Just for FUN

Just for fun, we asked the models to tell us some fun things about themselves. Their top 5 are….

1. Brent and I LOVE boating, camping, fourwheeling, snowboarding, hiking, pretty much anything outdoorsy and bring with family!
2. We can’t get enough spicy food, it’s our favorite.
3. We love being indoors as much as being outdoors, snuggling up and watching movies, dancing, playing games, going to the gym, and building blanket forts.
4. Our very first date was getting ice cream, we are pretty obsessed with it and probably eat it too much haha.
5. Our life long dream is to open a clothing company and become successful enough to donate to 3rd world countries and people in need.


Now, brides. Nicole and her team with Celebrate the Occasions are seriously like no other. If you want to go to a bridal shop, where you sincerely feel like an absolute queen, like you are their one and only customer, and if you want to feel like the most gorgeous bride…then go no further!! These guys have people traveling all over just to go to their store for their incredible customer service. They really do make you feel like family.



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