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Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup should be special. On the brides wedding day, every bride should look like herself at her most beautiful. It is not a time to try a look that is very trendy or extremely different from her usual style. Wedding makeup must be long lasting, look amazing in photographs and be timeless. Every bride should love how she looks in the pictures years from now and looks on her wedding day.


Makeup Rules
If possible do a consultation and a run through with your makeup artist befo


re the wedding day. Four to six weeks before the wedding is the recommended time to do this test run.

Pre-Wedding Wellness Tips
Beauty starts from the inside, follow the below listed tips to help you prep your skin for the big day!
* Eat smart. Choose whole grains, fresh greens and fruits, and clean proteins such as chicken, fish and beans.
* Hydrate. Drink lots of water daily to hydrate the skin and flush out all the toxins.
* Move your body. Exercise at least three times a week to strengthen your body and calm your mind and nerves.
* Take relaxing baths. Add soothing Epsom salts to your bath water to help you relax.
* Be present. Slow down and appreciate what’s going on around you rather than rushing to get to the finish line of your wedding planning.

Bridal Dos & Don’ts
* DO complete a makeup trial
* DO get as much sleep as possible on the night before the big day.
* DO drink plenty of water before your wedding day, and properly prepare your skin with moisturizer and eye cream.
* DO make sure foundation is right for your skin tone, it’s possible that your skin tone/color has changed since your trial run.
* DO buy a new mascara for your wedding day, but test it a few days before.
* DON’T  go tanning right before your wedding or try out a new self tanner that you are not familiar with.
* DON’T apply too much eye makeup, you want your eyes to stand out not the eye makeup.
* DON’T wear sparkly, frosted or shiny eye shadow. This eye shadow tends to reflect in photos
* DON’T tweeze or wax before the wedding day.
* DON’T wear false eye lashes if you are not comfortable or if you feel they will not stay on the whole day.

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