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Blooms That Won’t Break The Bank

Blooms That Won’t Break The Bank

Carnation Bouquet

Carnations – the often-overlooked bloom is every bit as sophisticated as its pricier peers.

Escort-Card Display

After the ceremony, have friends place aisle runners on a table for cocktail hour, where they can serve as a blooming backdrop for your name cards. And at the end of the night, take them home and use them in your backyard as trellises. It’s a win win to have your flowers serve multiple purposes.

Locally Grown Centerpiece

A mix of farm-grown flowers create an arrangement full of color and texture. Check out your local farmers market to find the perfect local grown flowers.

Rustic Harvest Centerpiece

A table arrangement of grains, such as wheat and dried grasses, found at craft stores celebrates the bounty of fall.

Rose Bowl Centerpiece

Make a few roses go a long way by arranging them in dramatic bowls filled with water.

Fruit Centerpiece

Add some color and volu

me to smaller clusters of flowers with vibrant seasonal fruits. Try using white bowls and platters and filling them with navel oranges, clementines, and kumquats, while lemon leaves and white gardenias or orchids to add contrast.

Bulb Centerpiece

A centerpiece of tulips and small stones is an inexpensive option, since bulb flowers generally cost less than cut flowers.

Carnation Centerpiece

For big-impact table decor on the cheap, cluster carnations in minimalist vases that offset their ruffled softness.

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