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Beautiful Conestoga Golf Course Wedding

Alexa and Josh were married on a beautiful sunny evening in Mesquite, NV just south of St. George, UT. They chose the Conestoga Golf course as the venue and it was a great setup with outside chairs for the ceremony and then we moved inside for toasts and dinner followed by some fun dancing on the covered patio. They had some great moments and friends coming in from all over for their wedding making the trip from across the country. One of the things that stands out was just how kind and pacionate this couple was the entire time. They made sure everyone had a great time and even though it was their special wedding day they were all about making it special for all their guests and also us as wedding vendors. Forevermore Films just had a great time creating a great friendship filming their wedding video and working with Aimee Lee Photography as well.

Video: Forevermore Films

Photography : Aimee Lee Photography

Josh & Alexa_Ceremony_Aimee Lee Photography_001_aimee_lee_photographyJosh & Alexa_Ceremony_Aimee Lee Photography_012_aimee_lee_photographyJosh & Alexa_Ceremony_Aimee Lee Photography_019_aimee_lee_photographyJosh & Alexa_Ceremony_Aimee Lee Photography_025_aimee_lee_photographyJosh & Alexa_Ceremony_Aimee Lee Photography_028_aimee_lee_photographyJosh & Alexa_Ceremony_Aimee Lee Photography_058_aimee_lee_photographyJosh & Alexa_Ceremony_Aimee Lee Photography_063_aimee_lee_photographyJosh & Alexa_Ceremony_Aimee Lee Photography_112_aimee_lee_photographyJosh & Alexa_Family & Bridal Party_Aimee Lee Photography-36_aimee_lee_photographyJosh & Alexa_Family & Bridal Party_Aimee Lee Photography-51_aimee_lee_photographyJosh & Alexa_Formals_Aimee Lee Photography-23_aimee_lee_photographyJosh & Alexa_Formals_Aimee Lee Photography-71_aimee_lee_photographyJosh & Alexa_Formals_Aimee Lee Photography-79_aimee_lee_photographyJosh & Alexa_Formals_Aimee Lee Photography-89_aimee_lee_photographyJosh & Alexa_Formals_Aimee Lee Photography-123_aimee_lee_photographyJosh Loves Alexa_Reception_Aimee Lee Photography-5_aimee_lee_photographyJosh Loves Alexa_Reception_Aimee Lee Photography-15_aimee_lee_photographyJosh Loves Alexa_Reception_Aimee Lee Photography-85_aimee_lee_photographyJosh Loves Alexa_Reception_Aimee Lee Photography-117_aimee_lee_photographyJosh Loves Alexa_Reception_Aimee Lee Photography-151_aimee_lee_photographyJosh Loves Alexa_Reception_Aimee Lee Photography-189_aimee_lee_photographyJosh Loves Alexa_Reception_Aimee Lee Photography-309_aimee_lee_photographyJosh Loves Alexa_Reception_Aimee Lee Photography-314_aimee_lee_photography



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