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Sparkler Send Offs | St George Weddings Ask A Pro

Question: I love all the pictures I see of sparkler send offs.
What does it take to do one of these so I can get those amazing pictures at my wedding also?


Answer: At Middle Aisle, we have been doing sparkler send offs for years now. We have had to learn the ins and outs so now we can easily and quickly do a sparkler send off without any issues or holding up the celebration. Today, I am going to share our sparkler send off secrets with you so you can have success with them too.

The most important thing you can do to make sure your sparkler send off it flawless is assign 3-4 sparkler assistants to handle all aspects of the sparkler send off. You can’t do this yourself if you are a bride, because it’s all about timing and exiting at that perfect moment. You need helpers to make sure this happens correctly.

I also make sure the groomsmen have parked the getaway vehicle right at the end of the walkway where the sparklers are going to be to ensure the bride and groom can leave right away once they walk down the sparkler aisle.

Step 1: Take all the guests outside in a well ventilated area with lots of room where the get away car has been parked.

Step 2: Your assistants need to make sure they personally hand out 1 sparkler to each person and make sure that every child has an adult with them that promises to take responsibility to help the child. Remember, although sparklers at fun and fairly safe, it is still fire and sometimes kids don’t understand you can’t stand behind a women with long hair with a lit sparkler. ALWAYS make sure a child has an adult who takes responsibility to help them.

Step 3: Once all your guests have a sparkler your sparkler assistants need to get all of your guests to line up single file in two straight lines facing in to the aisle with a 10 feet or more aisle space in between them. This helps for lighting the sparklers and gives the bride and groom enough room to walk out. Helpful tip is to make sure you close the venue doors. This step is often overlooked. If you leave the venue doors open, the smoke from the sparklers float in and smoke detectors will sound or even worse, the sprinkler system. Don’t chance it.

Step 4: Go inside and get the bride and groom prepared with everything they need and instruct them to wait just outside the closed doors until an assistant comes back to open them.

Step 5: Explain to the guests how lighting the sparklers will all work. I typically like to instruct the guests that we start in the middle of the two lines and ask that once you are lit, you turn to your neighbor and light them. I also demonstrate that we hold the sparklers up with arms extended and not pointed a sparkler like a wand at the bride and groom. The reasons for this is so any accidental sparks stays off the bride and groom.

Step 6: Light the sparklers. Start in the middle of the two lines and again remind each person you light to turn and light their neighbors. Our staff typically skips every 5th person and lights the next group of people. This is the fastest way to light many sparklers quick.

Step 7: As soon as the last section has been lit announce the bride and groom. We open the doors for the bride and groom so they can make their grand exit in dramatic style and so we can close the doors as soon as they step out. They walk down the aisle of sparklers right to their car and drive away.

Step 8: Have pitchers of water ready for sparklers. As soon as the sparkler is done, they are still hot and are smoldering. To ensure no fires are started, the sparkler assistants ask each guest to place their hot sparkler face down into their pitcher of water. Collect every last sparkler. This helps so no garbage is thrown on the ground, no fires, and it signals the guests we aren’t lighting any more sparklers.


You can see from the steps how important it is to have someone there who can take charge and make sure your sparkler send off goes smoothly. It’s all about timing and keeping your guests well informed on how it will all work.

If you follow these steps, it should go as smooth as can be and make pictures memories to last a lifetime.

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