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8 Questions to ask your Wedding Venue Before you Book

Southern Utah has spectacular venues to choose from. There are modern art galleries to gorgeous outdoor venues with red rock backdrops. Brides are certain to find something to fit their taste. But deciding on a venue can be a challenge unless you already know what you are looking for.

Choosing a venue isn’t a choice to take lightly because you will be entering into a contract with that venue and placing a non-refundable retainer to save your date. By asking the right questions you can ensure you are comparing venues fairly when making a choice.  This will also help save yourself any headache of additional expenses you weren’t expecting.

1- How many people can your venue fit?
It’s important to have a venue adequate for the size of wedding and guest count you will be having. If you are having a wedding for 150 people for a sit down dinner, you shouldn’t go tour the venue that only fits 90 people. Know before you go tour a specific venue if it can hold the people you need to accomodate.

2- What are the catering requirements?
Often times venues have in-house caterers clients are required to use for their catering. If you have a specific caterer you would like to use, they may not be allowed in all venues.

3- Is there a specific end time or quiet time if outdoors? Is the venue rental for only certain hours or all day?
Sometimes venues have time restraints on how many hours you are allowed to be in the venue or some are a full day rental. They all differ depending on what you have contracted for. Make sure you book enough time adequate for set up, take down and your celebration. Another factor to remember is Southern Utah’s city ordinance for quiet time is 10pm. If your celebration is outdoors, your celebration noise will have to stop at 10pm. You can keep celebrating, but this typically means music must be turned down and the party quiet.

4- Does the venue hold a liquor license? Is alcohol allowed on the premise?
Utah has a strict liquor law and not all venues are allowed to serve liquor on the premise. If this is important to you and your guests, make sure you find out before hand.

5- What is included in the rental?
Important things to ask with the rental of a venue is if you get linens, use of the outdoor facilities, or if they have chairs you can use for the ceremony. Make sure you get the full list of things included with your venue rental before you book.

6- Can I bring in a cake?
If your venue does catering in-house you need to make sure it is alright to have permission to bring in a custom wedding cake, wedding cupcakes or whatever else you wanted to cut into from an outside vendor. Additionally make sure to see if there will be a cake cutting and serving fee.

7- Who sets up and cleans up at the end of the night?
Some venues include basic set-up and take-down with the rental of their venue. Some only provide an event manager to let you into the building and it is up to you to set up.

8- Are hospitality, gratuity and taxes additional?
A Washington County has a 6.25% tax rate and typically 18% for gratuity is common. This can really add up quickly when you haven’t budgeted this amount into your overall fee. Ask what overall items will be taxed and if a gratuity is additional.  Make sure you understand which subtotals these percents are taken from.



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