If you are getting married in winter it can be frustrating when you start your planning and most images that come up in search results are summery scenes and bouquets! But don’t worry; there are plenty of options out there for you and your winter wedding. In fact, some of the most beautiful weddings are in the winter.

Read on for our top flower and venue decoration tips.

1. There is no point pretending it isn’t winter, embrace the season!

It is possible for florists to get their hands on all sorts of flowers throughout the year these days but it is crazy to import traditional summer flowers when there are plenty of seasonal options on offer.

2. Foliage, Branches, Berries and Moss are your friends.

This is the case especially if you are an eco-friendly bride who only wants to use home-grown. You don’t want your guests to feel that they are walking into an unnatural environment that feels worlds away from what nature is doing outside. Those who know my work will know I am an absolute moss and foliage obsessive! Using lots of greenery will really help your guests feel like they are in a natural environment and it is far cheaper to trail foliage over surfaces than it is to have a heavy concentration of flowers. Picture an outdoor winter scene that you love and make that your inspiration.

3. Think about traditional vs. non-traditional colors.

It is easy to get carried away with a color scheme but think carefully about whether it will work in your venue. You might decide you dislike traditional red and green Christmas colors and then arrive at your venue only to discover it’s own Christmas decorations all over the shop! Walk around the venue and think about what will work best with the colors already in the venue before you get too fixated on your own ideas. Ask the venue when they put their Christmas decorations up and when they take them down. They often go up in mid November!

4. Candles and sparklers.

Dotting candles within your flowers adds a wonderful sense of coziness to a winter wedding. In fact, just cover every surface you can in candles! Sparklers also make great favors or confetti alternatives.  If you do include candles in your decoration scheme make sure you have agreed who will light them and invest in candles that will last for the duration of the wedding.

5. Consider using living bulbs.

Speak to your florist about the possibility of using living plants and bulbs in your table centers. You can even offer them to the guests as gifts to take home. Hyacinth, muscari and miniature daffodils are lovely options to consider.

6.  Invest your budget inside not outside.

Everyone loves a flower arch but there isn’t much point in spending a fortune on decorating the outside of your church or venue if people will be too chilly to spend much time outside for photos. Also, if it is REALLY cold, your flowers won’t last outside in any case.


We hope this helps put your mind at rest. There are so many exciting and original options for a winter wedding!

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