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5 Key Ingredients for your Engagement Session!

  1. What’s the best location?

This is one of the biggest factors for your engagement session.  It is important to think about what style you love but also what places matter to you and your loved one!  You can do anything from beautiful thick greenery, fun red rock, or even a city street look.  Make sure to choose somewhere that you would love to go anyway and that represents your style! These pictures will be up in your home and hanging at your reception so you want the location to represent the feeling you have with each other!


2.  What should we wear?

This is the question that is asked the most!  Make sure to wear something you feel incredible in! This is a great opportunity to go shop and buy some new flattering clothes that you feel beautiful in because this feeling will carry through to your images so you must feel amazing!  It is best to bring at least 2 outfits.  This way you can do something casual along with something dressy.  You should match the feeling of your clothing to your location as well.  If you are a free spirit and want your session in the middle of a field then wear something fun and free rather than an uptight outfit of some kind.  If you like a calm look and you are doing a water location go with that vibe and match your outfit to the scene!


3. Prepare!

Preparing for your session is very very smart!  The more you prepare before your session, the less stress you will have during the shoot.  Make sure to research the locations and talk to your photographer about the style and look you and your loved one are looking for.  It is also smart to have 2 locations or a back-up location in case anything goes wrong in your original place.  Plan your outfits and hair before hand.  Make sure to not schedule too much on the day of your engagement session.  Keeping an open day is less stressful and keeps you in a relaxed and happy mood for your session.


4. Do we bring props?

This is a personal decision.  Props can be so much fun but they can also take away from the purpose of the session, which is to capture you and your loved one spending time together.  A prop here and there is great and can give meaning to some of the images but too many will distract.  The pictures of you holding props will not be printed on your wall or used to show your kids what you were like back when you got engagements done.  The timeless images are the natural ones with you and your sweetie spending time together.  A prop or two won’t hurt but be careful not to over do it!



Make sure to relax on your engagement session day! The images from your session will really show how you are feeling and being stressed out will only make for stressful pictures.  If you are prepared and take your time on your session day you will be in a great mood for your photo shoot.  Keep in mind during your shoot to just have fun with your fiancé and trust your photographer to take care of the rest!





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