2018 Wedding Trends

Are you in the midst of planning a 2018 wedding?

When it comes to finding wedding inspiration, the options are truly endless—so let our top wedding trends for 2018 lead the way for making your day unique and a reflection of you both. Shake up your wedding design this year! The great thing about trends, whether in fashion, interior design, or wedding decor, is that you can pick and choose what resonates with you. Then you can add a modern touch to your overall look. From bridal fashion to what to do with your table decor these 2018 wedding trends have a little something for every upcoming wedding. Trends are a way in which things are developing and/or changing. As new styles and colors make their way into the new year we see new trends come and go.

2018 Wedding Trends:

* Potted Plants along the wedding aisle. This add texture to the scene as well as a different take on adding nature into your wedding day.

* Smaller wedding parties. Wedding parties are becoming smaller for wedding budget purposes.

* Going back indoors. 2017 was the year of the outdoor weddings but 2018 is bringing things back inside to amazing venues.

* Textured linens. Rather than a plan solid table cloth they are now starting to have texture and more designs.

* Translucent touches and details. See through elements in the buildings and seating and even as far as the paper are trendy this year.

* Color of the year. Ultra Violet (see color of the year blog post). There are so many ways that this color is being added into weddings.

* Quirky desserts. Popsicles, custards, ice cream sandwiches, doughnuts, macarons, multiple cookie flavors, cheesecake, meringues. The wedding cake isn’t going away but new desserts are coming in and there’s now more than one dessert on the dessert table to provide variety to wedding guests.

* Hanging floral arrangements. simple tables with a focus on ceiling treatments, this creates more space on the tables and floors and creates a more dynamic display of decor.

* Copper. This year we are moving away from the rose gold and moving into a more industrial copper look in chairs, chargers and other wedding details.

* Florals on wedding dresses. The 3D effect of floral/lace is popping up everywhere, it really is gorgeous!

* New Food. New food experiences, interactive appetizer station, using family recipes, farm-to-table meals, creative desserts. We will start to see more of mexican, japanese and peruvian inspired food at weddings.

* Lucky Pearls. This accessory trend is coming back and in a big way. Jewelry, headpieces, rings and embellished wedding dresses.

* Wedding Capes. Wedding dress cover ups are coming back, they can range from long and flowing to a short statement.

* Smaller guest lists. Couples are opting to leave off relatives and friends they have not seen in years to save on the budget.

* Wedding wreaths. This has been showing up everywhere, it’s a fun way to bring in nature and is an alternative to the classic bouquet.

* New guest entertainment. interactive elements like games, movies and crafting.

* Woodsy look. Steering away from the barn look to a more woodsy look by using less burlap and focusing on the wood and greenery.


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