10 Questions to Ask Your Future Caterer

10 Questions to Ask Your Future Caterer

When it comes to hiring a caterer there are some questions you should be asking to make sure there are no surprises on your wedding day. The caterer will be serving you and all your guests and you want to make sure they can prepare what you had wanted or something very similar that matches your wedding vision. Before searching for your own caterer ask your venue for their rules and suggestions. Some venues require you to use their in house caterer. Keep reading to learn what 10 questions you should be asking your future caterer to make sure they are the perfect fit for your wedding day!



1 – Does your caterer have a license?  This means that the caterer has met the local health department standards and carries liable insurance. Make sure they have a liquor license as well if you plan of having alcohol served at your wedding.

2 – Can the caterer provide references from previous clients? Make sure you follow up with those references to get a real honest opinion of their catering and catering staff. If you forget to ask this question look at their website or social media accounts for reviews left by previous clients.

3 – Is the caterer working any other weddings or events on the same weekend or day of your wedding? Sometimes a caterer will have more than one event happening on the same day, this doesn’t have to be a deal breaker if they have other events. You just want to make sure your wedding is staffed and getting the attention it needs.

4 – Does the caterer specialize in certain types of food? Fresh not frozen? If you are having a certain type of cuisine it’s always smart to book a caterer that specializes in that type of cuisine. If they special in a certain cuisine they will have all the right equipment, knowledge and resources to provide better and tastier meals.
5 – Does the catered meal come full service? This means that the caterer will prepare the food, take care of table settings, bar service and clean up after the event. Take a look at the different packages offered by a caterer to see what’s included.

6 – When does the caterer need finalized choices? Are they able to prepare vegetarian, gluten free, kosher, and/or vegan meals for guests that need or request that option? Will they prepare special meals for the kids that attend your wedding?

7 – Will a tasting be taking place prior to the wedding? Does the caterer also provide wedding cakes?  Talking to references and reading reviews is nice, but you need to taste the food yourself to be sure this is what you are looking for for your wedding day meal. This will make it so you are making an informed decision for your caterer.

8 – Will they provide tables/ chairs / plates / cups / silverware? or are these items extra? If your caterer does not provide these items for your wedding make sure your venue does. If your venue does not you will need to hire a rental company and those costs can add up quickly. If the caterer does provide these items ask to see them so you know what they look like to make sure they match your wedding look.

9 – will they provide additional waiters? What will they be wearing? Most caterers have their own serving staff because their staff is trained and knows how that catering company works. You want to make sure that the catering staff dresses appropriately for your event.

10 – Is this presentation of the food plated or buffet style? Ask to see photos of pas weddings for their presentations. Presentation is key, we eat our meals first with our eyes. The most delicious meal can seem unappetizing if it’s presented poorly by the caterer.

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